Look Up Systems' Medical QR©
is the ultimate EMS' tool.

The Decal, The Card, You're Covered!

EMTs will tell you that when they arrive it is not unusual to find people disoriented or unable to respond to important questions about their current/pre-existing medical conditions, specifically prescription and contact information.

Access to this essential information is paramount within the first ten minutes of their arrival.

Right now, within a minute can you name all your meds with frequency / strength and your doctors contact phone numbers?

We offer accessories such as helmet decals, necklace tags, shoe tags and PVC ID Cards for runners, bicyclers, hikers and other sports and where traditional types of ID are not normally carried.

Look Up Systems' Medical QR© goes well beyond the traditional paper emergency information and/or USB memory sticks. Your information that the Medical QR© displays can be changed by you at anytime.


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